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What we do at Wood Art Woman is under the STEM umbrella, and as we know, women to this day take up only 8% of woodworking occupations. It's male-dominated.


This obstacle didn't stop Elizabeth Blackwell.


This design is dedicated to Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman to receive a medical degree in the United States. Her perseverance paved the way for other women to enter the medical profession, challenging gender bias in healthcare. 


Blackwell faced numerous rejections from medical schools before gaining admission to Geneva Medical College. Her determination and persistence demonstrated that women could excel in traditionally male-dominated fields with the right opportunities and support.


Her success paved the way for other women to pursue careers in medicine. She subsequently co-founded the New York Infirmary for Women and Children, creating a space for women to practice medicine.


Elizabeth Blackwell was a strong advocate for women's health and played a significant role in advancing healthcare for women. Her contributions included efforts to improve the education and training of female physicians, as well as promoting women's access to quality healthcare.


This design is honoring Blackwell and her work.


$340.00 Regular Price
$170.00Sale Price
  • This is part of our Frontier Femme : Modern Cowgirl Collection, honoring trailblazing women (pun intended). Each design dedicated to a woman in history, that broke barriers, and showcased their skills and resilience. 

    These ladies embody the resilience, courage and adventurous spirit associated with western cowgirls, making lasting contributions to history. Acknowledging these women contributes to a more accurate historical narrative, as many women’s contributions have been overlooked and downplayed. 

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