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This design is dedicated to Rachel Carson, a marine biologist and conservationist, whose book “Silent Spring” sparked the modern environmental movement. "Silent Spring" raised public awareness about the harmful effects of pesticides, particularly DDT, on the environment and wildlife. The book prompted widespread concern about environmental pollution and the unintended consequences of technological advancements.


It catalyzed a shift in how people perceived their relationship with nature and the consequences of human activities on the planet.


Her contributions have broader implications for societal awareness and activism, created policy changes for climate justice, and evolved the role of women in environmental and social movements.


This design is honoring her work and legacy.



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  • This is part of our Frontier Femme : Modern Cowgirl Collection, honoring trailblazing women (pun intended). Each design dedicated to a woman in history, that broke barriers, and showcased their skills and resilience. 

    These ladies embody the resilience, courage and adventurous spirit associated with western cowgirls, making lasting contributions to history. Acknowledging these women contributes to a more accurate historical narrative, as many women’s contributions have been overlooked and downplayed. 

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