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This piece is part of our "Don't F*ck With Women" collection.


This design is dedicated to Frances Thompson, transgender advocate. Although born into slavery in Alabama and assigned male at birth, by the age of 26 Frances Thompson was freed and living according to her own gender identity in a Black community in Memphis, Tennessee. During the deadly Memphis Riot of 1866, Thompson and her roommate, a Black woman, were brutally robbed and gang-raped by several white men, including two police officers. Thompson and other assaulted women boldly testified at a committee hearing held by the US Congress, and she stated that she and her roommate did not consent. Her testimony became infamous throughout the South and led to 10 years of persecution for her gender identity, harassment and accusations. Thompson was jailed in 1876 for “cross-dressing” and died later that year. 


This design is us amplifying her work and standing alongside her.

• Sustainably handcrafted with reclaimed wood.

• Limited edition design

• Hanging gear attached to both sides

• Carefully packaged for shipping or local pickup (Ogden, Utah) available

• Woman-owned small business that fights for gender justice and donates a percentage of the proceeds.



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