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This is a MUST for all bath lovers! These beautiful Solid Wood Live Edge decorative bath caddies/ bath boards/ bath trays are the perfect partner to a long bubbly soak. This caddy is made from Oak and is for the rustic style seekers. 

Each bath caddy is unique as they are made to order from a different handpicked piece of wood, so all markings/grain will be unique.

Choose from the drop down menu to customise the tray that's perfect for you.


See photos for examples of the waterfall edge vs. the standard/general edge.

Length: your choice
Depth: approx 12-14 inches as these are natural pieces with an undulating live edge, these can go narrower & wider than the averages. If you are looking for it to be a certain depth, please put a note with your order & we will try to accomodate as best we can but this is not guaranteed. We can cut them wider on request- please contact us with your measurements for a quote.
Thickness: 1-1.5 inches.
These are cut to order so any size can be done. Any lengths over 95cms, please contact us for a quote. All lengths can be catered for as all the caddies are made to order. Any over 1m incurs additional shipping fee.

We recommend that you measure your bath (exterior edge to exterior edge) to check the width before ordering. Please measure from the interior side to interior side as well as exterior to exterior. This is so that you can let us know if the rim around the bath is wider than 1inch thick. The reason for this is we put the wine glass holder a close to the end of the bath caddy as possible to give you more room for your legs! If the rim around your bath is wide then this can stop the wine glass from sitting properly. In this case, we will place the wine glass holder closer to the centre. Just add a note to your order or alternatively send a message if you have any other specifics that you might want.

We don’t add stoppers to the underside of the caddy as we have found that it might not sit properly depending on how the sides slope down. We can send 2 small wooden blocks unattached and then you can attach them once the caddy is in place. Something similar to gorilla glue or any outdoor wood glue will suffice. Please add a note with your order if you would like this included. Alternatively, you can attach “chopping board feet” which can either be screwed or stuck to the underside of the caddy which add a bit of friction. These can be bought quite cheaply online if you google them.

The Live Edge will depend on the individual piece of wood. Please note that as all the bath caddies are custom made to order from individual pieces of wood and as such, no two will be the same. This uniqueness means we cannot guarantee shape, tone, character or how “waney” or gnarly the edge is as we are restricted by the timber available at the time of making you order. We use the photos to show the variety of edges as best we can, but this does not mean you will get one exactly like any of the photos.

If you have a specific request, please contact us prior to order to see if we can accommodate.

This is a decorative piece of wood, splashes/drips & steam are expected but it should not get excessively wet. If you have a shower bath or use the shower head then we advise removing the bath caddy when this is in use. Excess water will effect the quality of this item & may lead to the treatment being washed off. This includes leaving any damp/ wet sponges/ flannels on the caddy, they may lead to the oil leaching off & into the bath.

Your piece has been treated with a wood protectant to leave a matte natural invisible finish which ensure your piece is protected from penetrating water/ moisture damage. 



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